Usted Puede Comenzar de Nuevo Joyce Meyer


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AUTHOR: Joyce Meyers
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Usted Puede Comenzar de Nuevo Joyce Meyer. t''s never too late for grace. Look closely enough and you''ll see that theme all through the Bible. Page after page, story after story--God delights in turning tragic endings into new beginnings. The barren give birth, doubters become deliverers, and harlots are recast as heroes. In every biblical fresh start, we are reminded that with God, new beginnings aren''t the exception; they''re the rule. Using a blend of inspiring stories, Scriptural principles, and straight-talk, in YOU CAN BEGIN AGAIN, Joyce Meyer powerfully demonstrates that God isn''t done with you yet. If you''re stuck in a rut, disappointed by an outcome, hurting from a wound, failing in an endeavor, struggling in a relationship, or unsure about the future . . . don''t give up. Don''t give up on yourself, and don''t give up on the God Who loves you. If you thought it was too late, it''s not. It''s never too late for grace.

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