Todos Los Santos DVD John Corbett

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Manufacturer: Peliculas Cristianas
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Todos Los Santos DVD John Corbett
Manufacturer Peliculas Cristianas
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Todos Los Santos (All Saints) DVD Pelicula Cristiana
After accepting his new position, salesman-turned-pastor Michael Spurlock is ordered to shut down his dilapidated country church, which boasts a dozen members and a mortgage that's well beyond its means. Instead, he challenges his parishioners to risk it all to welcome a group of refugees and revive their community! Based on an inspiring true story. Rated PG. Dove approved. Approx. 108 minutes
Cover DVD Pelicula Cristiana
UPC 602341022194
AUTHOR John Corbett
Publisher Provident Films
Tamaño DVD Cristiano
Subtitulos Espanol, Ingles
Duracion 30 Horas
5 out of 5 stars
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