Panderos 8" Remo Radiante 8 Pair Jingles


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CODIGO: 07224X
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Peso: 1.00 lbs
Cover: Panderetas
UPC: 757242104859
AUTHOR: Rhythm Band
Publisher: Holy Land Gifts
Tamaño: 8" Diametro
Subtitulos: tambourines

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Panderos 8" Remo Radiant 8 Pair Jingles You will love the look and the sound of this tambourine. Watch the colors dance over this 8" pre-tuned Mylar head and black frame printed in radiant holograms. The thumb hole in the frame lets you apply pressure to the head and play this like a deff. Tambourines are versatile and can be rapped, shaken, tapped and beat to create as many different rhythms as you can dream up.

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