Mi Tiempo en el Cielo Richard Sigmund

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ISBN10 1603742328
Cover Libro Cristiano
ISBN13 9781603742320
AUTHOR Sigmund Richard
Publisher Sigelnd Richard
IDIOMA Espanol
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Mi Tiempo en el Cielo Richard Sigmund. Is there life after death? After a tragic accident, doctors pronounced Richard Sigmund legally dead. Eight hours later, God miraculously brought him back to life on the way to the morgue. During those hours, God allowed him to experience the glorious beauty, heavenly sounds, sweet aromas, and boundless joys of heaven that await every believer. God then returned him back to earth with a mission: to tell the world what he saw. You will thrill to Sigmund's eyewitness accounts of strolling down heaven's streets of gold, seeing angels playing with children, talking with Jesus, meeting with people from the Bible, as well as departed family and friends, seeing the mansions, and much more! Through Sigmund's testimony, God restored sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, and even raised several people from the dead. Also, glimpse into the horrifying reality of "the other place"--a place where no one wants to go.
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