La Liberacion El Pan De Los Ninos Guillermo Maldonado


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ISBN10: 1592723705
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ISBN13: 9781592723706
AUTHOR: Guillermo Maldonado
Publisher: ERJ Publicaciones
IDIOMA: Espanol
Subtitulos: Apostol Maldonado

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La Liberacion El Pan De El Pan de Los Ninos Guillermo Maldonado. Today, many people are hurting; sons and daughters of God who are suffering and in bondage to generational curses, addictions, and lifestyles they are not able to free themselves from. These believers need to discover the mystery of the deliverance ministry that Jesus practiced while on earth and which He left as part of the Father\'s inheritance for us. This book covers the mind, body, and soul which are areas where there might be spiritual bondage. Subjects such as iniquity, how to overcome anger, fear, sexual immorality, pride, and much more are exposed and brought to light to deliver every Christian from bondage.

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