La Corriente (The Current) DVD Pelicula

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Manufacturer: Peliculas Cristianas
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La Corriente (The Current) DVD Pelicula
Manufacturer Peliculas Cristianas
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La Corriente (The Current) DVD Película Cristiana.

Concerned for his family's safety, Mark Larson decides to leave Chicago behind and move back to rural Minnesota. Despite his son Jake's angry protest, the family moves to Providence River Campground to live and work as the site's caretakers. Bitter at the move and his new manual labor responsibilities, Jake soon meets Brian and Peter Owens, a father and son who live on a farm across the river. Jake and Peter form a quick bond that God uses to transform Jake's life in unimaginable ways.

  • Idioma Ingles
  • Subtitles Español Ingles
  • UPC: 095163886578
  • Dove approved (12+). Approx. 85 minutes.
Cover DVD Pelicula Cristiana
UPC 095163886578
AUTHOR Bridgestone
Subtitulos Espanol Ingles
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