Judgment DVD Left Behind Serie

Judgment DVD Left Behind Serie

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Manufacturer: Peliculas Cristianas
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ISBN10: 8901730723
Cover: DVD Pelicula Cristianas
ISBN13: 9788901733647
Color: 723
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AUTHOR: Cloud Ten Pictures
Tamaño: DVD Cristiano
IDIOMA: Espanol, Ingles

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Judgmente DVD Pelicula Cristiana Espanol, Ingles Audio. It is the imminent future. The world follows one government and one man. It is a world of peace, yet some still fight the authorities. To crush the dissent, the ruler arranges a trial of unprecedented proportion. A trial in the world court to be televised to a global audience. A trial that would see Helen Hannah, a Christian and a champion of the resistance, convicted and executed for hatred of the human race. Everything is prepared and only humiliation and death await the accused. There is only one small problem… Mitch Kendrick, the defense attorney, has been tricked into representing Hannah, and now hunts for any way out. In a clever twist he puts not Hannah, but her leader, the real scourge of this new world, to the test. Suddenly it is the biggest trial of history with the guilt or innocence of God himself hanging in the balance. While appearing loyal to the new world order, Kendrick at first defends Hannah's God for his own pride. But as he listens to her, he realizes that she might be telling the truth. Threatened by a hired assassin and the world leader himself, Kendrick still fights for more answers . Memories of a misunderstood father, the love of a tortured woman, and the glare of the world all bear down, as the trial rushes to a conclusion.

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