El Retorno DVD Poderosa Historia De Perdon Y FE

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El Retorno DVD Poderosa Historia De Perdon Y FE
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Cover DVD Peliculas Cristianas
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El Retorno DVD Poderosa Historia De Perdón Y FE pelicula cristiana subtitulada en espanol
In the telling of a tale, the truth is revealed.A creative parallel to the salvation story, The Return is a powerful fairy tale of forgiveness and faith. Leah (Heather Ricks) lives as a thief in the village of Nod. Though she's good at her art, most of the items she steals go to her evil master, Dybbuk (Ken T. Williams). However, Leah's life begins to change when a hunter named Yadid (Simon Provan) arrives in the village. Through a series of mysterious gifts and conversations, Leah discovers Yadid true identity. When she is betrayed by those closest to her and sentenced to death for her crimes, Leah discovers that even death can be overcome by the power of true unconditional love.
  • Idioma: Ingles
  • Subtitulos: Espanol
  • UPC: 095163888435
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