Cadena Cristiana Necklace-Cruz & Corona De Espinas Pendant


CODIGO: 018208
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Peso: 0.50 lbs
Color: Silver
UPC: 863846000418
AUTHOR: God Is Good
Publisher: God Is Good LLC
Tamaño: 18 Pulgadas
Letra: Plata
Subtitulos: Con Pendant De Plata

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Cadena Cristiana Necklace-Cruz & Corona De Espinas Pendant.

Esta cadena cristiana de Plata de 18" y pendant de cruz y corona de espinas tamano 0.75 X 0.5 L. Cross and Crown of Thorns Pendant Necklace The powerful story of the crucifixion is captured in sterling silver in the Crown of Thorns Pendant Necklace, a fine jewelry design. This beautiful cross serves as a meaningful reminder of Jesus' selfless gift and the message of love shared by Christians around the world. Meticulously handcrafted in shining sterling silver, the cross is the sacred symbol of the Christian faith. Circling the cross is a golden ring, ion-plated with 14K gold and sculpted with a crown of thorns design. This inspirational crown of thorns Christian necklace gracefully suspends from a matching silver chain. Pendant measures 0.75"H x 0.5"L; matching silver chain measures 18"

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