Aceite Ungido Ruth 1/4 De Onza


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CODIGO: 004856
Manufacturer: Anointing Oil
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Cover: Aceites Ungidos
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AUTHOR: Holy Land Gifts
Publisher: Holy Land Gifts
Subtitulos: Aceite De Uncion

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Aceite Ungido Ruth 1/4 Onza Anointing Oil Ruth Ylang Ylang Cinnamon Frankincense 1/4 oz For prayer or anointing your skin Designed exclusively for Holy Land Gifts by Keren Teyler Many women wear as perfume Olive oil based See also Ruth Tallits 2226 & Ruth Tallit Bag 2810 ANOINTING OILS The Bible is literally full of references to fragrances, whether they be the special oil used for anointing priests and kings, the incense that was burned in the tabernacle and temple, or the perfumes that were used by the people of the Bible. Here are some of the fragrances that are mentioned in the lives of the Israelites:onard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon, frankincense, myrrh, aloes, and the finest spices (Song of Solomon 4:14). OF INTEREST

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