Aceite Ungido Pomegranate Roll On 1/3 onza Oil Of Gladness


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Manufacturer: Anointing Oil
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Cover: Aceites Ungidos
UPC: 634357111074
AUTHOR: Oil Of Gladness
Publisher: Oil Of Gladness
Subtitulos: Aceite De Uncion

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Aceite Ungido Pomegranate Roll On 1/3 onza Oil Of Gladness. Aceite de la uncion de varios tamanos y aromas como mirra, olivo, lirio de los valles, todos estos aceites para ungir son de reconocidas marcas como Holy Land de Israel, Oil Of Joy, Oil of gladeness. Did you know when those of the Jewish faith celebrate Rosh HaShanah in the latter weeks of September, many make it a point to include pomegranates with their feasts? Their tradition portrays the pomegranate as a symbol of righteousness. In The new Testament book of Luke there is the story of an event that happened in the early days of Jesus

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