Aceite Ungido-Kings Oil (Exodus 30)-1/2oz

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Aceite Ungido-Kings Oil (Exodus 30)-1/2oz
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What is the King's Oil?
The King's Oil is an exclusive My Olive Tree product that uses the finest ingredients found in Exodus 30 along with olive oil that was harvested from Perry Stone's olive tree grove in Israel. This oil was prepared by a believing Israeli chemist according to the ancient art of the Biblical apothecary. We believe that the King's Oil project is a beautiful art of the restoration that the Lord is bringing into the Church. This project has been co-sponsored by Perry Stone, Curt Landry, and Ron Phillips.

The King's Oil is available in a ½ oz glass bottle and should be shaken before use, as separation of its contents is normal. Although it's dark appearance and grainy texture is not what one might expect, we are excited that the Church is drawing closer to her roots and heritage as mysteries are revealed about our ancient faith. Informational inserts are included with each bottle.

Anointing oil can be used during times of prayer, such as when praying for others or anointing your home in the same manner that the priest would anoint items in the Tabernacle as a sign of sanctification or setting apart. We believe that we have been called to be a part of the restoration of the holy anointing oil.

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