Usted Puede y Lo Hara Joel Osteen


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AUTHOR: Osteen Joel
Publisher: FaithWords Hachette Book Group
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Subtitulos: Libros De Crecimiento Personal

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Usted Puede  y Lo Hara Joel Osteen Libro Cristiano. 8 atributos indiscutibles de un gandor. #1 New York Times bestseller Joel Osteen''s new work will focus on eight core principles, taken from his top messages, that can help readers become successful and reach their full potential.Each chapter of 8 UNDENIABLE QUALITIES OF A WINNER offers action steps to help reinforce these new principles. The eight traits of a winner are: Get your mind and mouth in agreement with God--The power of life is contained in your words. Be Selective About What You Feed Yourself--Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Deal with It--Learn to tackle the issues that prevent you from doing your best. Keep God First--Make your relationship with God your highest priority. Look for God''s Goodness--Be aware that God is blessing you and showing you favor. Experience the Power of Letting Go--To live in victory you must release the negative experiences and influences. The Power of Your Vision--Before your dream can come to pass, you have to see yourself accomplishing the dream. Think Yourself to Victory--Manage your thought life--your mind is the control center for your life.

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