Santa Cena Base Para Bandeja Del Vino Chrome Base 12 3/4 RW 402CH


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CODIGO: 920862
Manufacturer: Artistic Manufacturing
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Peso: 3.00 lbs
Cover: Santa Cena
Color: Silver
UPC: 659830500862
AUTHOR: Artistic Ware
Publisher: Artistic Manufacturing
Tamaño: 12 3/4" Diametro
Letra: RW 402CH
Subtitulos: Communion

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Base para bandeja copero del vino de santa cena Chrome 12 3/4' (RW 402CH).

Esta base para la bandeja del vino para santa cena hecho de Chrome de alta calidad para la iglesia que demandan lo mejor para los elementos de santa cena. Material de mantenimiento facil basta con limpiarlo con una manta y quedara com nuevo. 

Artistic Churchwar his communion tray base is chrome and 12 3/4" diameter. Artistic's commitment to quality is reflected throughout its line of communion ware for your church. Each piece has been carefully crafted to meet your specific size and style needs. Chrome has a plated, mirror-like finish that may be wiped with a soft cloth or washed in lukewarm water. 2 lbs. Vendor Code: RW-402CH

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