Manten La Calma Y Disfruta La Espera Norma Pantojas

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Manten La Calma Y Disfruta La Espera Norma Pantojas Libro Cristiano The secret of keeping calm is choosing a man worthy of you. You are a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. You don't need to throw yourself into any man's arms or settle for less than you deserve, only to end up telling people that he is "not that bad." If you feel like screaming whenever someone dares to ask, "Are you still single? When are you finally getting married?", then this book is for you. You will learn...

Do not settle for less! Keep calm. Choose Mr. Right, because you deserve it

  • how to deal with all the wrong reasons for getting married married.
  • that if you are unhappy by yourself, you'll end up feeling miserable with a Mr. Wrong.
  • to enjoy your life while you wait.
  • to dismiss this common belief that "good men are an extinct species.
ISBN10 1629116912
Cover Libro Cristiano
ISBN13 9781629116914
AUTHOR Pantojas Norma
Publisher VER
IDIOMA Espanol
Subtitulos Crecimiento Espiritual
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