El Poder de los Padres que Oran Omartian Stormie

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El Poder de los Padres que Oran Omartian Stormie.

Award-winning author, singer, and composer Stormie Omartian and her husband Michael have spent the last twenty years raising their children...and learning about the power of prayer for them. Now, in thirty short and easy to read chapters, she shares how you can pray for your children at any age or stage of life. Learn how to come to the Father and put every detail of your child's life in His loving and capable hands. Your child may be three or thirty years old, but it its never too late to discover the joy that comes from being part of God's work in the life of your child

ISBN10 0789909367
Cover Libro Cristiano
ISBN13 9780789909367
AUTHOR Omartian Stormie
Publisher Stoeie Omartian
Tamaño Libro Crisitano
IDIOMA Espanol
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