Disfrute Su Jornada Joyce Meyer

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Disfrute Su Jornada Joyce Meyer
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ISBN10 1478920661
Cover Libro Cristiano
ISBN13 9781478920663
AUTHOR Meyer Joyce
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Disfrute Su Jornada Joyce Meyer Libro Cristiano

#1 New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer offers a powerful, concise abridgment of Enjoying Where You Are on the Way to Where You Are Going. Are you enjoying every day of your life? Or do you tell yourself and others that you will find happiness once you have achieved a specific goal or position? Jesus came so that you might have and enjoy life (John 10:10). In this compact abridgment, Joyce Meyer combines biblical principles with personal experiences to explain how you can enjoy every day on your journey through life. You will learn such lessons as how to make the decision to enjoy life, how to rid yourself of regret, how to experience simplicity in life, how to find joy during times of waiting, and much more! Enjoying life is an attitude of the heart, and you can learn how to enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going.

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